Patton Design will work with the client to create success through focus groups and consumer testing.

PDI established a focus group for Loewe using customers and salespeople to create an easy to use interface.

Patton Design helped Mitsubiishi test consumers across the nation regarding their big screen televisions.

We will take design proposals created from visual and human factors mock-ups for consumer testing. This could range from photographically realistic models to simple ergonomic studies of foam models or renderings. In some cases it could even be prototype user interface software, which is used in conjunction with the visual mock-ups. This will be tabulated, along with Patton Design's information for review before the focus group begins. Important data will be created if it does not exist or used from the client, based on proposed users, demographics and psychographics. Once this is obtained, there will be respondents identified and a focus group set up. With all focus groups, they are specific to the project and before the budget and process is finalized.


Patton Design has a unique blend of consumer testing, product testing and focus groups with expertise in qualitative testing and qualitative research. 

Our focus group moderator can conduct focus group research that utilizes product mock ups and software prototypes that Patton Design creates. In this manner highly unique and valuable information is gained to base new product development on. The focus group moderation is conducted in a manner that allows actual human factor evaluation and testing. 

The consumer testing we conduct is based upon human factor and image mock ups that focus groups can easily visualize and interact with. In this manner the voice of the customer is integrated into specifications for empirical product testing at a later date.