In 2009 Doug Patton founded Candella in a partnership with Disney Studios. This was a result of his success with ABC's production of American Inventor, where his client won America's vote and the $1,000,000 prize for best invention. During this process he worked with Rajappan "BG" Balagopal, Disney’s global patent director. On BG's advice, Doug agreed to re-invent the prototype of a Disney Haunted House faux flame candle patent for production. After presenting the product at CES, Doug created a partnership with Luminara for distribution. Luminara then absorebed Candella, creating a  powerful invention and distribution LLC. The Luminara faux flame candles are now distributed in the US, Europe, Canada, and Japan. The meteoric rise has been phenomonal with sales over $50,000,000 for 2016. Doug Continues as a leader of innovation creating new patents and inventions.