The package design must be a part of the industrial design and strategic brand image. This image is the basis of product packaging design. The product packaging needs to speak to consumers regarding the feeling of Maslov's hierarchy of need, from security to self esteem. 

Packaging design must convey the essence of the product without creating busy complex graphics. 

A package Design must be appropriate to the complete message that a company is trying to convey. Product packaging needs to be created at the same time the logo and product design is developed to understand how it may affect the actual product design. Packaging design is the first thing a consumer may see so sometimes a clear package may be the best way to show the actual product image. Product package designing needs to be included as part of the overall specification for how the product will be sold. 

For an existing product, if the image of the product features are not apparent, product package redesign must commence. The package redesigning needs to then backtrack to the process of the product and advertising image that has already been created. The package redesign then recaptures the image for the demographics and psychographics for the consumer group desired. 

Product package designing is an extremely important part of the Patton Design process to help clients with market success.



Patton Design created the complete corporate image including car and home audio products, POP displays, logo and packaging.



Patton Design creates packaging concepts which highlight the strategic branding goal of elegance and ease of use.



Patton Design creates the cable design, complete line of packaging, and POP displays.