The first step to patenting an idea is patent analysis.

Patent claim analysis is an in-depth study of infringement search and patent IP (intellectual property) research to create patent validity. IP is important for many reasons, and patent licensing can be financially compensated for a great patent. 

The patent application that is created by a Patton Design patent expert will focus on the most important aspects of the patent analysis to understand how it compares to other patents that are similar. Patent applications must be analyzed to understand the patent landscape and the potential IP rights possibilities. Patent analysis encompasses a patent search, patent valuation and patent prior art. 

Doug Patton 's work in patent development, invention and innovation has garnished well over a hundred patents in over 20 market categories. Secretary of Commerce Gutierrez and Congressman and Chief Judiciary Jim Sensenbrenner nominated Doug to join an elite committee at the USPTO to research, analyze and improve the U.S. patent system to make it more responsive to all business, educational and small inventor needs. This organization PPAC (Patent Public Advisory Committee) has nine members representing the most prominent patent attorneys, litigators and innovators headed by the director of the USPTO.